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A Unity 4.6 UI Shader to Ignore Depth Testing

I’ve started using Unity again for some 3D development with Google Cardboard and have been using the new Unity 4.6 UI (which I think is great by the way). Specifically, in order to get UIs rendered for the user in the 3D environment, I needed to place text on a canvas set to World Space (parenting the canvas to the camera, so that it tracks with the user’s head motion). This places the UI in a physical space, which works well for the 3D view but doesn’t work well for a HUD where you need it to always be displayed over everything.

Writing an Editor Extension to Customize Mesh Colours in Unity

I'm an engineer and a programmer, not an artist. This sometimes becomes an issue for me when I work on games as while I can make the game technically sound, the art is often downright horrible, or I spend way more time on it than I have any right to. I'm currently working on a long-term, back-burner type game project to keep me busy and distracted when I occasionally need a break from real life. Programming-wise, I'm fine, but what's a game without art? Well, aside from Dwarf Fortress and most Roguelikes out there, it's not much. Fortunately, I recently stumbled across (what I think) is a great art style - geometric assets, as shown below