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Dynamic Blender Properties

As part of my most recent adventures in game engine programming, I came across a small problem—I needed a way to edit levels (both their geometry, and the entities within the level and their associated components). Writing an editor to do this is a rather daunting task. Thankfully, Blender is a free, open-source 3D application that is 'easily' extended (well, easy-ish). So, instead of writing my own editor, I can write a Blender addon to make it do what I need it to. First up in that, was presenting an interface for editing which components an object has, and setting the values of each components' attributes. I found this to be more difficult that I expected, thanks to the way Blender handles and presents data. I will show you here how I got things working, as there doesn't seem to be documentation on this and I had to wade through a lot of half-expired forum posts to get things working.

AutoTileGen Rearranger

I somewhat recently came across AutoTileGen by Pixelatto—a tool for rapidly creating “blob pattern” tilesets from just three input images. It seems like a pretty good tool, at least for a quick rough-in of tiles. It just has one major flaw—the tilesheet that it outputs is all mangled.

Solving Equations Using the Newton-Raphson Method

Computers are great, but as it turns out - they're not always the smartest of folks. However, they are great at doing simple math! Today, I'll show you how to exploit these silicon monsters to do something that sometimes humans even fail at: solving a simple non-linear equation.